My Story

 My name's Matthew, and I love music.

After years of classical playing, I got really tired of playing only off of sheet music, and not knowing what to do when I was with other pop style musicians and there was NO SHEET MUSIC available. I know how frustrating it can be, to be stuck with all these skills, and not sure where to go with them, OR not even know where to start.

It was like being able to read a language out loud, really well, but never be able to come up with my own words, or understand what I was hearing. It was really constraining. So I set out to learn the skills to jam along with a band, improvise melodies, play by ear, and compose, in a number of styles. 

Through my studies and years of teaching, I've found easy ways to make playing in the style of your favorite pop and rock musicians quickly accesible, even for the complete beginner. From these foundations we will build to more advanced styles like the Blues, Jazz, and Funk.


I've been playing piano since I was 5 years old. I have also been singing since I was about the same age, from little church choirs, up to Opera groups on the national stage. I  want to share all my music experience (which I continue to explore) with you.

I love teaching the young and old alike. Music should be fun and available to anyone. I've been giving piano lessons and singing lessons in Ottawa for the past Ten years.

Let me know how I can help YOU! Whether with your classical exams, and theory skills, or in incorporating your skills into popular music styles, or just to be able to jam with your buddies.


Matthew Cook

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